stash ethics

I’m taking the “no stash” path.

This means that I try not to buy yarn unless I’ve completed the previous project I’ve been working on, and only after I’ve decided on the next project I’m making.

Why spend money now for something you don’t need now? Something that may be sitting in your closet for a long time, maybe several years?

I prefer to wait until I’ve learned all I could learn from the current project before I choose which yarn and which project I’d like to make next. I prefer to buy just the right amount of yarn, which is hard if I don’t know what pattern it’s for.

It feels good to finish a project and be able to go and pick out new yarn for the next one, take it home, swatch, and knit with it! No stash guilt… Travel light!

Even though I really try to follow these rules, I’ve broken them several times. I’ve definitely not lived by these rules in the past in terms of fabric for sewing… Maybe that’s why I’m trying a different approach. Because I’ve seen fabric pile up and stay stashed for years, and even though I’ve given much of it away, I still have a lot left. Think of all the yarn (or nicer quality fabric) I could have bought with the money spent on the stashed old fabric…

What are your stash rules (or lack thereof)?

Are you happy with your stash situation?

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