three attainable goals

There are so many things I’d love to do, or know I will benefit from doing, but time passes by and I just don’t do any of them. Some of those things are really practical and doable, but still, I’m stuck in the same bad habits that are hard to break. So I’ve chosen three attainable goals, and I’m committing here today to doing each of them at least once. Hopefully, once I see they’re not that hard (and maybe even enjoyable!), I will do them regularly :-)


Just moderate exercise, like a half hour walk in the evening, or a bike ride. I used to love riding my bike! For some reason, I don’t want to exercise in a group setting – I just want to be on my own, or with my boyfriend (who is even less motivated than I am in this respect). I get home after a full day’s work at the office, and I want to knit or spin or just relax on the sofa as a sort of “compensation” and “me time”. But why can’t a walk outside be “me time” as well?

Goal for today – get home this evening, put on my walking shoes right away and go out for a walk with my headphones so I can listen to a podcast along the way.

I follow Sarah In Pursuit on instagram and read her blog. She runs. I don’t see myself running any time soon, but I find her inspiring.


I used to practice yoga, and I had such a nice posture. Nowadays, since I’m older and I sit at the computer at work curled up in the most convoluted assymetric posture, my posture has deteriorated.

Goal for today – sit up straight whenever I notice myself slouching. Sit either cross legged or with my feet on the floor.

Yoga can help develop and maintain good posture

Getting to work early

I am allowed to arrive at the office at any hour I want (more or less), but I have to work a certain number of hours a month. That makes it so easy to wake up late, knit, relax, arrive late at the office, and then either go into “work hour debt” or have to stay really late to make up the hours. It might seem like fun, but actually I feel tired and lacking in energy most of the time, and guilty, and bummed that my evenings are over by the time I get home – so what’s the point?

Goal for tomorrow – leave the house by 8:30.

There are others… But let’s start with three :-)

How about you? Do you have any doable goals that you’ve been stuck in a bad habit of just not doing? Please share in the comments! Have a great day!

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