As for my three goals of yesterday, I achieved only one and a half of them.

Posture: I did sit up straight all day at work, which is a big achievement seeing as I’ve been sitting hunched over and curled up in my chair for years. I found that when I got to some frustrating point at work, it helped me push forward just because I was breathing better, and not in a sort of dejected posture already. So I’m keeping that up. WIN.

Exercise: I got home yesterday and I was so tired I could hardly knit or do the huge pile of laundry or dishes or anything. I could have pushed myself out the door for a walk, but I really did not want to. So that goal was not achieved. FAIL.

Getting to work early: I got to work late today, as usual. It’s only half of a fail, because I was showered and dressed and ready on time, but my boyfriend preferred to sleep late. I could have taken my car to work, and I could have worked from home until he was ready, but I decided not to. I washed all of the dishes and did two loads of laundry. So I am calling this HALF FAIL HALF WIN.

Another fail I had was with my pink oversized tunic. It’s just too big.

There are more photos on instagram (@nowiknit) about the process.

This morning I unraveled it completely, and I had a second fail using the ball winder. I was applying too much tension on the yarn and the balls were not forming properly. So I have a huge pile of tangled yarn, but also a few properly formed balls once I got the hang of it.

What next with the pink yarn? Well, I spent about 4.5 50-gram balls of yarn on the back alone. So had I completed that oversized tunic, I would need at least 6 additional balls of yarn for the front and the sleeves. I decided to change tactics and knit a more fitted top, that would work well with a skirt, rather than a long tunic that would work well with tights. So I want to sew a simple knee-length skirt, and knit up a waist length or high-hip length top with short sleeves to go with it.

Maybe something like this:


Or this:

I don’t know yet – I have to think about it. Maybe I will try to design the pattern from scratch again, but using a set in sleeve and different measurements.

Surprisingly, I don’t feel too bad about unraveling my first attempt at designing my own pattern. It’s all part of the process. Onward to greater things! :-)

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