status update

I’ve been up to a lot, knitting and spinning wise, but haven’t gotten around to blogging about it. My excuse is that my parents took my point and shoot camera on their trip to Norway, and I didn’t want to upload bad quality smartphone photos to the blog. Excuses, excuses…

So here’s a short update about ongoing projects:

Pink Sweater is too long and the armhole is too big. The row gauge seems to be different in the sweater compared to the swatch – partly because of the drape and heaviness of the cotton/bamboo yarn. I finished the back and front and seamed them together, and finished the neckline. I need to attach sleeves – it might still be wearable as is, or I might tweak it, or unravel it (probably not).

I’ve been spinning White Gum Wool Merino combed top, as well as some bulky chain ply targhee yarn. Fun!

I added an “Ethical Yarn and Fiber” page to the blog, where I put my favorite shops for sourcing yarn and fiber with a clearer conscience.

I’ve progressed quite a bit with the Little Wave cardigan. I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s knit from the bottom up starting at the hem, front and back in one piece, and I’m now at the bust increases. I should be moving on to the sleeves soon.


I wound the second ball of yarn into a center pull ball using the ball winder. I think it was worth the time and fuss, because now during knitting the yarn comes out from the center smoothly and the ball stays together nicely without bouncing around.

I’m participating in fibreshare. It’s been wonderful and fun so far! I’ve met some lovely knitters and I’ve been inspired to spin a bulky yarn (thick singles which I then chain plied or 3-plied) for my fibershare partner, grigritextile, because it’s the yarn weight she prefers. I didn’t imagine getting so much out of this experience – without even considering that I should soon be getting lovely yarn from my other fibreshare partner, @psychoknitter. I’m excited about that! But it’s the giving experience and actually sending physical items to a real person, considering what they’d enjoy, spinning fiber for a real knitter out there in the world, that makes it feel special and heartwarming.

IMG_20150615_125653 IMG_20150616_212619

Fibreshare also motivated me to finally sew small pouches for holding place markers and such – some for me and some for my fibreshare partner.



I’m waiting for some yarn I ordered online to arrive, and then I’ll be ready to send off my package to Lithuania.

I intended to write about creativebug – but that deserves a post all of its own! More on that soon!

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