During June 2015 you can go to this oliver + s post to get one month free on creativebug without needing to supply your credit card details. Or you can watch some classes for free here. Thanks to Karen from Fringe Association for this link!

I first heard about creativebug through the Fancy Tiger Crafts blog – Jaime and Amber created a class called “Sew a One Hour Top” (and several others, which I found out about later), and I got to watch it for free. It basically gives you a digital pattern that’s a front piece and a back piece, no darts or gathers or anything time consuming, and the short videos guide you through sewing it up using a sewing machine or a serger, whichever you have or prefer. I’ve been in sewing block for a long time – [enter many excuses here] – and the One Hour Top was just the friendly nudge that I needed to get me to print, paste, cut, sew, and wear.

One hour top by Fancy Tiger Crafts

The first time I looked through other creativebug classes, I thought: “these classes are about simple stuff that I already know”, like how to cast on, how to sew stay stitching, etc. Which was a really silly thought, because there are so many classes on creativebug about things I don’t know, couldn’t even imagine searching for, and would love to know and craft and make!

Here are just a few of the classes I took and really loved, other than the “Sew a One Hour Top” class which is definitely one of my favorites:

Basic Line Drawing taught by Lisa Congdon


This is the best class EVER. It’s a bit longer than others, but that’s also because it contains several recorded live chat sessions, which I enjoyed listening to, but which are not necessary if you just want to take the class. I got myself a sketchpad and some black markers and I’ve been happily doodling for hours, and can’t wait to get back home and doodle some more. It’s so inspiring and has opened up a world of possibilities: home decorations, pictures, printing on fabric, and so much more.


my doodle from this morning

You might be able to tell that I’ve gone doodle-crazy. It is just so much fun!

IMG_20150622_005204-nopm- IMG_20150622_005220-nopm- IMG_20150622_101106 IMG_20150622_085244

Orizomegami taught by Jody Alexander


Fold washi paper, dip it in food coloring diluted in water, and you get these awesome prints! How awesome is that! I am definitely trying this out. Just need to get the paper and food coloring. What a great activity to do with kids (and friends)!

Veggie Stamp Picnic Blanket taught by Christine Schmidt


All you need is fabric paint, some hard vegetables (like potatoes, turnips, sweet potato), a knife, and some fabric. This is just way too cool! What a great way to decorate napkins, a tablecloth, a pouch or tote, or even a shirt. Fun activity to do with kids, and it could be used to make a lovely handmade gift as well.

Japanese Side Sewn Sketchbook taught by Jody Alexander


I love this class. What a lovely simple way to bind a notebook with a special touch, to give as a gift, or to have at home. Will definitely try it out also. Think how you can combine the stamping class, the orizomegami class, or the doodling class with this one! Endless possibilities ahead!

There are so many other classes I have yet to watch. They’re short and fun and clear, and so it’s not intimidating to just press “play” and watch. It’s not like a serious course with hours and hours to commit to. I love that!

Creativebug is definitely a treasure! I love it! Do check it out!

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