crafting status

If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed the doodling trend is pretty hot in my life right now. I’ve really been enjoying it, doodling for hours after work and before work, so much that I’ve exhausted the ink in one of my markers :-)


I’d like to get a few Sakura Micron pens like Lisa Congdon recommends in the course, but I’ve had no luck in shops I went to this week. The best course of action is probably to order online. It usually takes me a while to find a shop that stocks several items I’d like to order and which offers reasonable international shipping rates.

My boyfriend is in California for the week for work, and when he returns he’ll bring me the Hansen miniSpinner I ordered – with a lace flyer and also the Woolie Winder. So expect a spinning spree very soon.

Today I ordered a niddy noddy from Fiber Artist Supply Co. It comes with several interchangeable lengths, to make different sized skeins (2 yards, 1.5 yards, 1 yard). It also comes with a drop spindle. And it was only 16 USD, plus 16 USD for international shipping. Compare that with a one-size-only Ashford niddy noddy, which costs around 30 USD, and because of its weight, shipping would have been 36 USD. So I’m happy with my choice.

I also ordered some inkodye ink, which is an ink that you put on fabric which is initially clear, and when exposed to sunlight, changes to a color (black, red, pink, blue – whichever one you got). The color is permanent. So basically you need to cast shadows onto the fabric by placing items of different shapes on it while it develops, in order to get a design to print onto the fabric. Wherever there are shadows, the ink will not develop (the fabric will remain its original color). I thought that was really awesome. Now that I’m doodling, I might try inkodyeing my doodles onto fabric using sunlight. Cool!

Here, for example, the safety pins cast a shadow so they left a white imprint, and the orange dye around the safety pins developed in the sun.

I also got some of the transparent sheets you can print on, and wherever there’s printer ink will cast a shadow to create an image. Like this.

As for knitting – I haven’t abandoned my Little Wave cardigan, it’s just that I still haven’t gotten to the armhole yet. Both because of time spent doodling instead of knitting, and because I’ve already made two mistakes each of which caused me to rip out over 10 rows (there are 195 stitches in each row). So I keep going up and then back down. I’m not discouraged, just not sharing any pictures yet because they’ll all look the same :-)

Have a good weekend!

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