top down e-book!

I purchased the top down – reimagining set-in sleeve design ebook by Elizabeth Doherty, published by Quince and Co. The book teaches how to knit handsome set-in sleeves by picking up stitches at the armhole and knitting the sleeve top-down (armhole to hem). It also teaches how to knit the bodice top-down, and explains that this way you’ll be able to try the sweater on as you progress and know early on whether the fit is right – where the shoulders lay, shoulder width, bust width, armhole depth, neckline depth, etc. After the armhole, you work the rest of the bodice downward in the round.

I liked the smart set in sleeve idea, and I liked that the technique helps detect fit errors as early on as possible, because as you know I’ve failed with fit several times already. I like that I get to stop knitting the bodice or the sleeve when I decide it’s long enough, rather than planning the length in advance.

I plan to make Sans Serif, which is the recommended pattern for learning the technique:

For Sans Serif, I ordered the recommended lark and finch Quince and Co yarns, in the Iceland colorway, which is slightly heathered. I chose to get the Quince and Co yarn although shipping was expensive for me, rather than get yarn elsewhere, because I wanted it to be as easy as possible to get the right gauge.

I also purchased some Chickadee yarn in winesap colorway (sport weight) in order to (maybe) make the Copperplate cardigan from the book. I usually prefer not to purchase yarn for too many projects in advance, but the shipping was expensive so it made more sense to buy two projects’ worth of yarn rather than one, for the same price of shipping.

Knitting top-down might be trickier than knitting bottom up – you shape the shoulders using short rows, and you have to cast on stitches as you progress. Maybe it’s not trickier, only different – I’ll know after I try.

Until the Quince and Co yarn arrives, I’m making a third attempt to knit according to my own pattern. Not that it’s a fancy pattern, but it’s according to my measurements and calculations – this has failed twice before. Wish me luck!

It’s a sport weight, cotton yarn, at 25 stitches and 33 rows in 10×10 cm.

I want to make a summer everyday top with short sleeves. I’m knitting the bodice bottom up (front flat and back flat, separately). I started with a seed stitch hem, and the rest will be mostly stockinette.

2 thoughts on “top down e-book!

  1. I agree with your comments about the Quince & Co book for top down sleeve, there is a lot of good information in it, and Serif and Copperplate will be beautiful !I hear you about the shipping- definitely worth it to get 2 sweater’s worth at a time.


  2. ooo! I must have missed this, but I definitely want to check out the book. I worked top-down set in sleeves once before, and the fit was less than ideal. The yarn you ordered is simply beautiful, and I hear you on shipping costs, they can be killer. Best of luck with your top-down sweater adventures!


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