I write code for a living.


this is my boyfriend and I not writing code, but rather traveling in beautiful Switzerland

I love cats. That’s an understatement.

I live with two beloved cats, Squeaky and Nula, both female and a year old.



And I also love my three boy cats, Shugy, Pushkin, and Francis, who live with my parents. I love all cats, for that matter.




As a child I used to do all sorts of arts and crafts, the ones my mom taught me or kits I got at the store.

I attended a sketching class for a year, then a ceramic studio for 3 years, working on the potter’s wheel mostly, making bowls and vases, then took two sewing courses and a year-and-a-half long pattern making course, all the while quilting and sewing clothes and stuff for the house like cushions and curtains, and now I knit.

I love ravelry (me on ravelry) and I love the woolful podcast.

I wish I lived in the US so I could go to a local yarn shop or visit a farm where they grow sheep and alpaca for wool, attend a spinning class or just meet other craft minded people.

This blog is a way for me to share my work and the things I love and find inspiring and useful, and hopefully it might be a way for me to get to know other crafters, makers, knitters, and designers.

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DSC_3213_large DSC_3429_large 6216550449_9d31db47e6_z DSC_3300_large IMG_4738_large


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